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Bulk Trash Information  
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  Mendham Borough

     Bulk Trash Collection 

Mendham Borough contracts Blue Diamond Disposal to pick up bulk trash items every Monday.  If a holiday falls on a Monday the bulk trash is picked up on the next day, Tuesday.  Please check this website for  holiday updates.  If the trash is not picked up, please call 973-543-7152 extension 22 by 9:00am Tuesday and provide the following information: your address, telephone number and a description of the material left behind. 

Guidelines: Curbside Bulk Trash Collection (view the 
Bulk Trash Flyer)

*** Please do not put materials in black plastic bags. ***
                   *** If a material fits in a bag then please dispose in your regular trash. ***

Please note:  Appliances or "White Goods" that contain Freon (Chloro-FloroCarbon) require special handing before bulk trash pick-up.  Please go to website: for information.  The appliance must have certified papers attached to it stating the freon was removed by a certified technician. 

Please check the following website for Hazardous Waste & Computer/T.V. Drop-Off Events:

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