The Mendham Borough Planning Board is comprised of 9 citizens of the municipality including the Mayor as a member of the governing body, and a Borough Official, appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Borough Council.   There are 2 citizen alternates to the Board.

The Board hears applications in the Borough dealing with the following:

                                                          -Major and Minor Subdivisions;
                                                          -Site Plan Waivers;
                                                          -Preliminary and Final Site Plans

The primary responsibilities of the Planning Board are to:

                             1.  Make, adopt and amend the Master Plan of the Borough of Mendham;
                             2.  Administer Subdivisions of the Land and Site Plan Reviews;
                             3.  Provide input and recommendations to the Borough Council on Land Use Ordinances.

The Planning Board meetings are held at the Garabrant Center, 4 Wilson Street, Mendham beginning at 7:30PM.  Technical Review Committee (TRC) meetings are held at 9:00AM at the  Phoenix House, 2 West Main Street.

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Any changes in time, date or place of any scheduled meeting will be posted on the bulletin board in the Phoenix House, 2 West Main Street, Mendham, and delivered to the official newspapers in advance as required by law.