The Mendham Borough Loop Trail is a designated path around the Borough comprised of
woodland trails, paths, and sidewalks. The trail is designed to create access to forested
properties and preserved open space providing new passive recreational opportunities to
these natural resources within walking distance to all Borough residents. New connections
will also make it possible for residents and children to more easily and safely walk and bike
to schools and businesses throughout the Borough.
The Loop Trail was originally conceived in the early 1980s and was designed to provide a
path around Mendham Borough, connecting the east and west sides of Patriot’s Path and
forming a loop around the municipality. The Borough currently has a developed trail
system that is not well connected to all areas of the municipality. The Loop Trail will
connect the system of preserved open space together and will provide a link to Mendham
Township and the Schiff Natural Land Trust’s extensive trail system. Much of the Loop
Trail is located within the public road right-of-way or on existing sidewalks. There are
however, several sections that traverse forested properties and preserved open space, such
as the Borough-owned Cosma Tract. The northern extent of the Loop Trail consists of
Patriots’ Path, an interconnected network of trails that expand throughout Morris County.