What is ECOSST? At the end of last year Councilman Sharkey proposed that we consider consolidating some of our Borough committees, as has been done in other towns in New Jersey. After consulting with our town attorney and speaking with one town that consolidated, we decided it would be a smart choice for Mendham. We are pleased to announce that we have combined our Environmental Committee with our Open Space and our Shade Tree to form ECOSST. The Chair of your committee is Eric Arena and the Vice Chair is Paula Barber. The committee membership includes Paul Cascais, Chris Nicholson, Richard Pace, Dave Sprandel, Marian Mundy, Amy Beers Golier, Laura Gill and James Castiglione. The Borough Council Liaison is Brennan Reilly, with assistance from Council Land Use Committee members Brad Badal and Steve Andrew.   Lisa Smith, Planning and Land Use Coordinator serves as the Committee's Administrative Assistant and Recording Secretary.  Since our reboot this group has put their collective creative energies together and have come up with a list of prospective projects for the future. As a team, they will strengthen Mendham Borough’s environmentally healthy commitment to our community and will soon select a project to tackle. If you are an Eagle Scout, Gold Award-seeking Girl Scout, or Mendham High IB student and you are looking for a project, please consider attending one of our ECOSST meetings and sharing your thoughts with our Committee. The ECOSST meeting schedule can be found by clicking here.