Save $2000 READ THIS!

A phone call or e-mail could save you $2000. That’s right just a phone call or an e-mail. Prior to beginning a “simple” home improvement project, a phone call or e-mail to the

Code Enforcement Office can save you a penalty for performing work without a permit. 

Penalties for working without permits are mandatory under the NJ Uniform Construction Code and can be assessed for up to $2000. 

How do you get caught? Typically work done without permits comes up during a home inspection or disclosure prior to a property transaction. 

Some projects that absolutely do not need a permit are listed below:

  • Painting. 
  • Residential floor covering. 
  • Replacing a light fixture without installing new wiring. 
  • Replacing a plumbing fixture without installing new piping. 


Some projects that absolutely require a permit:

  • Decks 
  • Finished Basements 
  • Kitchen alterations 
  • Bathroom alterations 
  • Water heaters 

So save yourself a costly penalty and the probability of removing the work for inspections and contact us first.

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