• Location - 37 Ironia Road  
  • Hours of Operation - 
    Monday-Friday 7:00am-3:30pm  
  • Recycling Depot (No Longer Accepting Single Stream Recycling) - 
    Monday - Friday 7:00am-3:00pm
    Saturday 8:00am-2:30pm    
  • Mailing address - 
    37 Ironia Road, Mendham, NJ 07945
  • Email -dpw@mendhamnj.org
  • Phone - 973-543-6535
  • Emergency Phone  - 973-543-2527 (Mendham Borough Police)


Jeff Cooper


Assistant Superintendent

Pete Hafemeister

 The Department of Public Works consists of   10 employees of various disciplines and experience.

Our responsibilities include:

Maintenance of the Roads, Parks,
All Borough Owned Buildings and Vehicle   Fleet Maintenance.


 If there are any questions regarding the brush program or to schedule a curbside pick up please give our office a call at:


or click here to schedule a curbside pick up. 


Mendham Borough offers brush pick up as a service to the residents. The Borough Brush Removal Program is for the homeowner’s convenience to assist in seasonal tree maintenance and storm damage to trees. No cut down, whole trees will be picked up.  This service shall not be used by private contractors. Persons hired by the property owners are responsible for removing material.  Piles deemed excessively large will not be accepted.  Public Works Superintendent has the right to refuse any pick up that does not fall within these guidelines.


The following information shall assist residents regarding brush pick up procedures:

  • All brush must be placed in front of the house generating it.
  • Brush piles must be placed on the curb not on the road which causes a safety hazard.  If limbs are too long, place them parallel to the curb.
  • The piles must be stacked in an orderly fashion and not tied in bundles and shall not be larger than six inches in diameter.
  • Stack brush with the cut ends facing the road in the same direction.
  • Brush will not be picked up unless it is called in.
  • Branches will be picked up within a week of calling in the location; we cannot schedule an exact day.


  • Stumps, root balls, roots, lumber, brush larger than six inches in diameter, metal of any kind, posts, clippings, dirt, grass, flowers, weeds, plants, leaves, bamboo or any type of household garbage.
  • Cut down, whole trees. 
  • Excessively large piles.
  • Brush cut or trimmed by contractors.


If there are any questions regarding the brush program or to schedule a curbside pick up please give our office a call at:


or click here to schedule a curbside pick up.

Brush is no longer accepted at the DPW


 Grass and Leaves Disposal

It is suggested that you cut your grass and leave it on the lawn. Grass clippings and leaves will not be picked up curbside. Do not leave grass clippings/leaves at the curb. Do not mix grass clippings/leaves with branches and brush or with household garbage. Grass and leaves are accepted at the Department of Public Works.  PLEASE NOTE ONLY GRASS and LEAVES ARE ALLOWED IN THE DUMPSTER!  These items are composted and other materials disrupt the composting process.

The hours of operation are:  Monday-Friday: 7:00am to 3:00pm and Saturday 8:00am to 2:30pm. 

Contractors are NOT allowed to dispose of this material at this site. They may dispose of the material at the County Disposal Facility in Mount Olive.


Wood chips from the brush program are available to residents. You can help yourself (free) to them at the Department of Public Works or have them delivered free of charge.
Morris County MUA delivers Mulch and Screened Compost to Morris County residents for a fee.  Please click here of program details.