All firearms questions and applications for Mendham Borough Residents are handled by Detective Christopher Gobbi.

Anyone wishing to submit an application for a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card or a Permit To Purchase a Handgun can complete same by following either of the steps below:

  1. Visit the New Jersey State Police Website at, and complete the application.  You will need to know the Mendham Borough ORI # to complete this process, which is NJ0141800.
    • It is strongly encouraged that all applicatioins are completed on the New Jersey State Police Firearms Application & Registration System Portal (F.A.R.S.).
  2. Paper Applications can still be picked up at Police Headquarters by making an appointment with Det. Christopher Gobbi.

Frequently asked questions:




Mendham Borough residents can contact Detective Christopher Gobbi regarding fingerprinting.  The Mendham Borough Police are only able to provide fingerprinting for out-of-state or federal records checks when the applicant has been given fingerprint cards from an out-of-state or federal source. 

Applicants for Firearms, ABC, Paid or Part Time Firefighters, Local Ordinances, Volunteers, or Youth Serving Organization Volunteers should contact Detective Gobbi at (973) 543-7827.  The fingerprinting will be completed by
IdentoGo but specific forms are required and will be provided by Detective Gobbi.

All other fingerprinting for Good Conduct, Immigration, Naturalization, Personal Record, Visa, Expungement, International Adoption Requiring Notarization, Foreign Business Requiring Notarization, Employment, and Non-Criminal Justice Licensing can be completed by individuals.  The appropriate forms and more information can be found on the New Jersey State Police Website or by following this link: