October 27, 2016
4:32 PM

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    10/27  Curbside Recycling
    11/01  Board of Adjustment Meeting
    11/02  Board of Health
    11/07  Borough Council Meeting
    11/09  Recreation Meeting

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    Mayor’s Update October 2016

    Dear Resident and Business Owner,
    As originally cited in the September edition of the Mendham Messenger, and in accordance with Governor Christie’s Executive Order 210 dated June 30, 2016, the Department of Transportation Commissioner continues their shutdown order of all NJDOT and local aid projects until it is determined how the state will subsidize its Transportation Trust Fund. The Orchard Street paving project was one of the effected projects and is still on hold with no end in sight (as of this writing) as to when the shutdown order will be lifted.
    The Mayor and Council recently heard a presentation from Bob Diffin, the President of the Mendham Business Association on holiday banners that would take the place of the holiday flags which have been traditionally placed on utility poles along East and West Main Street and smaller sections of Mountain Avenue and Hilltop Road.  These banners can be seen in neighboring municipalities.  They bring a nice touch to a business district and unlike the flags, the banner will not unfurl once placed on the pole.  Mr. Diffin asked that these banners be considered by the governing body, who promised him that it would be deliberated and an answer given to him in the very near future.
    Administrator Merkt reported to the Mayor and Council that the Mendham Borough First Aid Squad was looking for ideas on where their triage vehicle might be placed to shelter from the elements.  The rig was originally a full service ambulance and now serves as a triage vehicle.  The squad keeps it parked outside the first aid bay.  Members of the Borough Council agreed to let the vehicle transition into a triage vehicle but did tell the Squad there would be no funding available to build a shelter.  If there is anybody who can assist in identifying a location close to the First Aid Station that can be used to shelter the vehicle, please notify a member of the First Aid Squad.
    Mr. Merkt continues to work with the management of Daytop Village to assist in curtailing the number of calls to the facility where our first responders feel vulnerable to aggressive behavior by some of the facilities residents.  It appears that residents of the facility now include a mix of patients from suburban areas and some of the state’s larger city and metropolitan areas.  It is critical to the Borough’s first responders that they feel safe when answering calls to the facility and their safety will not be compromised.
    The Planning Board will be re-examining the Borough’s master plan this fall and did hear from Borough Planner Chuck McGroarty who updated them and the Borough Council on the status of the negotiations on the new affordable housing requirements being levied on municipalities by the state and courts.
    Councilman Sharkey reported that a number of ash trees in the Borough right of way have become infected by the Ash Borer that is now prevalent in New Jersey.  These trees will need to be removed and could potentially increase the budget line item for tree removal.


    Neil Henry
    Mayor, Mendham Borough


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