The purpose of the Local Economic Development Committee is to evaluate the status of our small business community here in the Borough and determine what we can do to help keep our businesses as healthy and prosperous as possible, and in turn keep our Main Street and commercial areas vibrant. The Committee's discovery and determinations will be reported to Borough Council with the intent of receiving approval.
The LED Committee is made up of two members from the Joint Land Use Boards, one member from the Historic Preservation Commission, two members of the Borough public, and two members that represent Borough business owners.
Strategic Plan:
  1. Organization
Create a strategic planning process by identifying stakeholders, residents, public entities, businesses, community organizations, and other groups like commercial organizations that have a vest interest in the success of our small business community. Identify a vision for Mendham and make a situation assessment – what’s in our control.
  1. Conduct a Local Economic Assessment
Identify our community’s strength and weaknesses. Determine which skills and resources that are needed and which of these entities can contribute towards the end success. Identify what participation is required from the stakeholders.
  1. Strategy - Develop, Implement, and perform Periodic Review
Review Borough codes and resolutions for opportunities for modifications to help new businesses streamline their entry into our marketplace, as well as improve the business atmosphere for existing businesses (i.e. outdoor dining). Look at industry trends – what types of services do residents need and want – how is this changing. Review business trends in surrounding towns. Create a promotional program to attract new business. Investigate ways to help our businesses operate in the black (i.e. collective purchasing opportunities for town requirements like signage or exterior lighting.)