Emergency Generator Safety


Whole-House Emergency Generator Installation Requirements

1.  Zoning Permit Application — Submit this application with a copy of a survey indicating the proposed placement of the generator along with the fee of $30 (cash or check).

2.  Construction Permit Application Folder — If the lead contractor for the work is not a licensed plumber, licensed electrician or the homeowner, the lead contractor acting as the agent for the homeowner must be registered with the Stat of New Jersey as a Home Improvement Contractor.

3.  Manufacturer's Specifications for the Generator, AIC Rating of Electrical Equipment, a one line drawing of the electrical service, load calculation sheet  & letter from JCP&L Co. on their available short ciircuit amprage at their supply.

4.  Gas Riser Drawing with pipe sizes, lengths and BTUs on other gas appliances in the structure.

5.  Small Construction Permit Form

6.  Plumbing Subcode Form — signed and sealed by a licensed plumbing contractor.

7.  Electrical Subcode Form — signed and sealed by licensed electrical contractor.

8.  Building Subcode Form — This is submitted only when the generator will be placed on a poured slab. The contractor must be registered with the State of New Jersey as a Home Improvement Contractor.

Submit the entire packet to the Construction Department for processing. If you want to receive Zoning approval prior to submission of the Construction Permit Application, you may submit the Zoning Permit Application, survey and fee to the Zoning Officer.

Construction Department plan review will commence when documentation of Zoning Approval is received.