The Mendham Borough Board of Health is the  policy-making and enforcement body responsible for protecting the Borough's public's health. Under New Jersey state law, every municipality must provide for the functions of a local Board of Health.  The Board is autonomous and has the legal authority to set health policy for the community by passing ordinances and adopting codes on issues of public health.
The Board ensure compliance with New Jersey's Local Health Services Act and the NJ Public Health Practice Standards of Performance.  This is the set of statutes and codes which lay the framework for public health activities and assure every citizen has the right to a minimal level of public health protection. 


1st Wednesday of the Month 
Garabrant Center
4 Wilson Street
7:00 p.m.
Dr. Marilyn Althoff, Board President 
Bowers Building
1st Floor
6 West Main Street
Mendham, NJ 07945
Notice of any changes in the schedule, time, date or place will be posted in the Phoenix House and official newspapers in advance as required by law.
    • Five Members
      • Serve 3-year term 
    • Two Alternate Members
      • Serve 2-year term
    • Appointed by the Council