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Billing Questions

973-543-7152 *10

Moving to Mendham?

To transfer service for public water please contact New Jersey American Water at 1-800-272-1325.

  If you are selling or purchasing a home there is no need to contact the Borough to transfer service. 
The name of the new responsible party for the service will automatically transfer in the Borough Billing System from the sellers name to the new property owners name upon transfer of the property deed.
If you are renting and will be responsible for paying the sewer bill please contact Lauren McBride at the above phone number.


2022 Sewer Billing Quarters
Billing Quarter Months Covered Due Date
1st Quarter December - February 3/30
2nd Quarter March - May 6/30
3rd Quarter June - August 9/30
4th Quarter September - November 12/30


2022 Sewer Rates Per Quarter
Service Fee  $        146.73
Maintenance Fee/Capital Improvements  $          70.76
Excess Usage Fee*  $          36.43
Residential - Senior  
Service Fee  $        135.39
Maintenance Fee/Capital Improvements  $                -  
Excess Usage Fee*  $                -  
Service Fee  $        208.12
Maintenance Fee/Capital Improvements  $          98.86
Excess Usage Fee*  $        104.06
*Per billing quarter, per 1000 cubic feet of water usage in excess of 2500 cubic feet water usage.