The Borough of Mendham has a consolidated Environmental Commission, Open Space Committee and Shade Tree Commission known as the Joint ECOSST Commission. The Joint Commission works  proactively to:

  • Maintain and protect the Borough’s development or use of natural resouces, inlcuding water resources.
  • Promote the Borough's Clean Communities and Recyling Programs.
  • Review sites and recommend which lands and historic properties should be acquired for recreational and conservation puposes. Support Farmland Preservation. 
  • Provide advisory input  on  the Open Space Trust Fund.
  • Support and advise on the Borough Urban Forestry and Tree City USA Programs and promote arboriculture.
  • Support and promote the Borough OPEN SPACE, RECREATION & HISTORIC PRESERVATION PLAN 2002
1st Monday of the Month
Garabrant Center
4 Wilson St.
Mendham, NJ 07945
Eric Arena, Chair
Lisa Smith, Administrative Assistant
973-543-7152 *20
Phoenix House
2nd Floor
2 West Main Street
Mendham, NJ 07945
Notice of any changes in the schedule, time, date or place will be posted in the Phoenix House and official newspapers in advance as required by law.
    • Seven Members and two Alternate Members
      • One member from the Planning Board
      • Three members from the Shade Tree Advisory Committee
      • All members are members of the Open Space Committee
    • Serve 3-year term
    • Appointed by the Mayor
    • Collectively throughout the year, the Commission develops and works with the community on a variety of environmental, open space and urban forestry projects.   
    • Since merging, the group has put their collective creative energies together and has developed a list of prospective community projects.
      • If you are an Eagle Scout, Gold Award-seeking Girl Scout, or Mendham High IB student and you are looking for a project, please consider attending one of the Joint ECOSST meetings and sharing your project ideas with the commission.
    • Required for individuals or local organizations wishing to complete a public service project in Mendham Borough.
    • Include an attached map/sketch showing the location and scope of the project.
    • Eagle Scout or Girl Scout Service Award Projects require a copy of the completed Scouting Service Award Project Workbook to be attached to the application.
    • All proposed public service projects once approved by the Joint ECOSST then requires Borough Council approval.