2023 Tree City USA -- 10 Year Anniversary!

Shade Trees in Media: Brought to You by the Media Borough Shade Tree  Commission

    • Have you noticed the Tree City USA on both ends of town? 
    • Have you seen the new street trees popping up all over town?  They’re beautiful aren’t they!!!
    • The Mendham Shade Tree Commission goal is to involve the community in its tree planting mission.
    • Every Spring and Fall the Commission, as part of the Tree City USA Program, plants about 15 to 20, 2.5” caliper shade trees. 
    • The Commission picks locations working with property owners that either had a tree in the past or greatly need one now or in the Borough ROW.
      • If you have a suggestion for where a tree should be planted or would like a tree please email Deborah Holly at
    • All trees are choice specimens  and perfectly placed. 
    • Here’s where we need your help. If a tree is placed on your property or in front of your house please look out for it.
      • Please give it water during dry spells and even some free wood chips for the asking from the Borough DPW.
      • Please do not weed wack the trunk and keep dogs and trash cans away.