The Recreation Committee is repsonsible for planning, promoting  and organizing  recreational programs within the Borough of Mendham and administer in the interest of the entire community. The Committee is the advisory agent to the Borough Council on all recreational matters and works with and  makes recommendations to the Council Recreation and Parks Committee.  It oversess the scheduling and operations of the Borough tennis courts, sports fields, recreation facilities, and ice skating rink.

3rd Thursday of the Month
Garabrant Center
4 Wilson St.

Notice of any changes in the schedule, time, date or place will be posted in the Phoenix House and official newspapers in advance as required by law.

    • Five Members, two Alternate Members, and two Student Members
    • Serve 3-year term
    • Appointed by the Mayor with advise and consent of Council

rec⋅re⋅a⋅tion[rek-ree-ey-shuhn] - noun:   a pastime, diversion, exercise, or other resource affording relaxation and enjoyment.