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*** The Wednesday, October 19th meeting of the Mendham Borough Mayor & Council has been cancelled and is rescheduled to Wednesday, October 12th ***      
*** The Wednesday, October 19th meeting of the Mendham Borough Mayor & Council has been cancelled and is rescheduled to Wednesday, October 12th ***      

Mendham Borough Seal BOROUGH OF MENDHAM
973-543-7152 • 2 West Main Street • Mendham, NJ 07945


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Animal Control~Pet Licensing
  • Animal & Pet Licensing-Phoenix House
      Return application form to the Borough Clerk's Office, Phoenix House, First Floor, 2 W. Main St.
    • Cat License
      Copy of current rabies certificate is needed to obtain a cat license.
    • Dog License
      Copy of current rabies certificate needed to obtain a dog license.
    • Domestic Animal & Fowl License
      For Animals Other Than Cats and Dogs
Clerk's Office ~Vital Records
  • Banners, Event Licensing & Public Service Projects
    • Banner Display Request (Main Street)
      All requests to display a banner across Main Street (Route 24) will require approval from both the Mayor & Council and the Morris County Board of Commissioners (formerly known as the Morris County Board of Freeholders). A certificate of insurance naming the Borough of Mendham as an additional insured is also required. Please review the application for further information and allow adequate time for processing and approval.
    • Blue Light Permit
      Volunteers of the Mendham Borough Fire Department and First Aid Squad who are active members in good standing may apply for a blue emergency warning light for their personal vehicle. Approval is required from the Fire Chief or First Aid Squad Captain. Completed applications should be submitted to the Borough Clerk's office for further approval by the Mayor and MVC processing.
    • Hometown Heroes Banner Request
      The Borough of Mendham's Hometown Heroes Banner Program is open to any honorably discharged U.S. military veteran, living or deceased, as well as active-duty or reserve members of the Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, Space Force and Coast Guard who currently reside in Mendham Borough or has family members residing in Mendham Borough. Applications must be submitted no later than April 1 for the current year’s program.
    • Public Service Project Proposal
      Individuals or local organizations wishing to complete a public service project in Mendham Borough must complete this application and include an attached map/sketch showing the location and scope of the project. Eagle Scout or Girl Scout Service Award Projects require a copy of the completed Scouting Service Award Project Workbook which must also be attached to the application. All proposed public service projects require approval from Mayor & Council approval. Check Borough Council Meeting dates for planning purposes.
    • Raffle License
      Step by step guide on how to apply for a Raffle, Bingo, Etc.
    • Road Closure Application
      All requests to close a portion of a residential street for an event such as a block party requires approval by the Mayor & Council. Applications should be submitted to the Borough Clerk a minimum of 30 days before the date of the event.
    • Special Event Permit Application
      Organizations wishing to hold an event in Mendham Borough using borough-owned public facilities must submit a Special Event Application to the Borough Clerk a MINIMUM OF 30 DAYS before the scheduled event. All Special Event Applications require approval by the Mayor & Council.
  • OPRA Open Public Records Act
    • Open Permit Search "SAVE TIME GO ON LINE!"
      For faster up-to-date information on open & closed permits on a property click above on SDL Open Permit Search Link. After logging in search by address or block/lot. (If you do not have an SDL account click on create account and follow the instructions.)
    • OPRA (Open Public Records Act) Request
      Individuals wishing to obtain government records should submit an OPRA (Open Public Records Act) Request Form. The completed OPRA form should be attached as a PDF to your email. Email the completed form to the Borough Clerk (or Police Records Custodian for police records) at the email address stated on the OPRA Request form. Please be specific identifying the record(s) you wish to obtain to help expedite processing.
  • Vital Statistics
    • Marriage or Civil Union License
      Apply for a marriage or civil union license in Mendham Borough only if either applicant resides in Mendham Borough OR in instances where neither party is a resident of New Jersey but the marriage or civil union ceremony will be held in Mendham Borough. Applications are taken by appointment only.
    • Request for Certified Copy of Birth, Marriage, or Death Record
      Requests for a certified copy of a vital record must be accompanied by valid forms of ID. There is a $10 fee for each certified copy.
    • Vital Statistics Information
      How to obtain a copy of a Birth/Death/Marriage Certificate or apply for a Marriage/Civil Union License.
  • Voting
    • Voter Registration and Election Information
      Visit the Voter Information webpage for more information on voter registration, polling locations, how to apply for a Vote by Mail ballot and all things election-related.
    • Voter Registration Application
      Registered voters who have moved to Mendham Borough from another town within Morris County or are new to the State of New Jersey must file a new Voter Registration Application at least 30 days before the next election date to qualify to vote in that election. This application form can also be used to update a voter's change of name, change of address or party affiliation.
Construction Permits~Inspections
  • Construction, Building Permitting & Inspections
      ALL INSPECTIONS MUST BE SCHEDULED THROUGH THE SDL PORTAL. To schedule or check status of permitting & inspections click on the SDL link above. If you do not have an SDL account click on Create Account and follow the instructions. Login to your account and go to Check a Building Permit Status link and enter the Permit # to review status of permitting & inspections for the property. To schedule an inspection go to On Line Request and scroll down and click on Building Inspections link. To confirm there are No Open Permits go to Find a Property Link and enter the address, block or lot to review status of all permits for the property.
    • Construction Permit Application Packet & Related Forms
      The Mendham Borough Construction Department utilizes the State Department of Community Affairs Construction Permit Application Packet & Related Forms. Please fill out all required application forms from the State site. Please print your completed application forms and deposit the hard copy of your application forms in the Drop Box at the front of the Bowers Building, 6 W Main St. 07945. Completed applications forms may also be sent via US Mail or other delivery service. UCC FORMS MUST BE LEGIBLE AND NOT HAVE OFFICE ONLY SECTIONS BLACKED OUT. The Borough cannot accept application forms electronically due to the State mandating a raised Contractor Seal on most forms. The NJ UCC allows 20 working days for the review and issuing of a construction permit. THE 20 DAYS STARTS WHEN A COMPLETE APPLICATION IS RECEIVED & ALL PRIOR APPROVALS REQUIRED FROM ZONING, ENGINEERING, ENVIROMENTAL, UTILITIES & LAND USE OR PLANNING HAVE BEEN SATISFIED. All Prior Approvals must be obtained before a construction permit can be issued. Prior Approvals & Review include: Zoning; Historic Preservation Commission; Engineering; Joint Land Use Board (Planning & Board of Adjustment); NJDEP; Utility Companies; Morris County Soil Conservation; Mendham Commons Home Owner Association. The size and scope of the construction project will determine the length of time for the review process--i.e.. a single sub-code permit will take less time than a multiple sub-code permit. Due to required prior approvals, additions & alterations can take several weeks. A new home can take several months due to Board & Commission Meeting Schedules. The completeness of the information submitted with your permit can greatly assist with all review and approval process. For detailed information please click on Departments at top of Home Page and go to Construction Department. FOR QUICKEST RESPONSE TO QUESTIONS OR INQUIRIES ABOUT PERMIT APPLICAITONS PLEASE EMAIL CONSTRUCTION@MENDHAMNJ.ORG AT THE LINK BELOW. INCLUDE THE ADDRESS OF THE PROPERTY IN SUBJECT LINE OF EMAIL.
    • Demolition Permit Requirements & Checklist
Emergency Management
  • Office of Emergency Management
    • CERT Registration
      Mendham Borough Office Of Emergency Management Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)Registration Form
Engineer~Lot Development~Driveway & Sewer Connection Permits
  • Road, Driveway, Sewer & Lot Development Permitting
  • Utility Mark Outs
    • New Jersey One Call 811
      New Jersey Law requires anyone digging to call at least three full business days (excluding weekends and holidays) prior to beginning work. This includes excavators as well as property and home owners’ contractors. Contact New Jersey One Call at 811 or 800-272-1000 any time, day or night.
Fire Prevention Bureau
Health Department Services
Planning~Land Use
Public Works~Service Request
Recreation Programs
  • Facility, Field & Court Reservations
    • Reservation Tennis Courts
    • Facility Schedule (indoor)
      Here you will find the reserved schedules for the Garabrant, Botti Pavilion, Carriage House and Phoenix House Garden. Maximum capacity of the Garabrant Center is 150 Standing, 100 Chairs only, 60 Tables and Chairs. Use the drop-down filters to see when times have been booked or when times are open. To make a reservation, email Bruce DiBisceglie, Recreation Director at the email link at top.
    • Field Schedule (outdoor)
      Attached is the current Field Schedule for Borough Park (Doubleday Field, Elliott Field, Lenape Field, First Responders Turf Court), Botti Park (Upper/Lower), Franklin Field and Pastime Field. No changes can be made to this schedule without the written authorization from Mendham Borough Recreation Director, Bruce DiBisceglie
    • Reservation Facility (Indoor)
      Please submit this form to the Department of Recreation to reserve a non field recreation facility.
    • Reservation Field (Outdoor)
      Please submit this form to the Department of Recreation by Dec 31 to reserve a field for the upcoming year. After Dec 31, fields will be assigned based on remaining availability. Review the USE OF BOROUGH FIELDS - FACILITIES (Regulations) before submitting a Field or Facility Request Form
    • Regulations Facility & Field
      Please review all terms and conditions on this form before submitting a Field or Facility reservation request.
  • Day Camp
  • Parades
Selling Your House~Inspections
  • Mandatory Inspections & Open Permit Search Link
      Prior to closing on the sale of your home all mandatory inspections must be completed.
      To confirm there are No Open Permits click on the SDL OPEN PERMIT SEARCH link above and log in. If you do not have an SDL account click on create account and follow the instructions. After logging in go to Find a Property. Enter the property address or block and lot numbers and click Go. You will be directed to the Property Page. To review the status of permits for the property being sold, scroll down and click on Permit Applications.
    • Fire System Test Report and Certification
    • Sewer Connection Inspection
      This inspection is only required if the residential property is on the public sewer system. Mendham Borough does not require any inspections on private septic systems.
    • Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide & Portable Fire Extinguisher Inspection
      Prior to the sale of any home in the Borough a Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection Inspection must be completed.
Tax Assessor
Tax Collector
Zoning Permit~Code Enforcement~Rental Inspection
  • Rental Property
      Please fill out all information requested on each application. Properly completed applications save processing time.
    • Landlord Certification
      In lieu of Zoning Officer physical inspection due to Covid-19 Emergency. Expires 12/31/21.
    • Landlord/Tenant Rental Registration & Rental Inspection
      The mandatory Landlord/Tenant Registration & Inspection Form must be renewed annually or in the event of a change of Tenant.
    • Rental Certificate of Habitability
      The Landlord/Tenant Registration and Rental Inspection must be completed prior to issuance of the Certificate of Habitability.
  • Maps
  • Vacant Property
  • Zoning Compliance Permit & Review
    • Zoning Compliance Permit & Review
      A Zoning Compliance Permit & Review is required to be completed for all Joint Land Use Board (JLUB), Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) and Construction Permit Applications. Including Sheds, Additions, A/C Unit Replacements, Whole House Generators, Patios, etc.... After review by the Zoning Officer, a Zoning Compliance Permit is issued to the applicant which must be included with the Construction Permit Application, JLUB or HPC Application. For Variance request please use the next form Zoning Compliance Review & Permit Application- JLUB Variance. Whole House Generators: All generator applications require a scalable survey showing the placement of the generator to scale (outside the setbacks). A Zoning Compliance Permit & Review is required to be completed for all Joint Land Use Board (JLUB), Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) if needed and Construction Permit Applications. After review and approval by the Zoning Officer, a Zoning Compliance Permit is issued.
    • Zoning Compliance Permit & Review - JLUB Variance
      A Zoning Compliance Permit & Review is required to be completed and submitted with all Joint Land Use Board Variance Applications.
  • Zoning Permits