Borough of Mendham
Shade Tree Commission
Annual Fall Foliage Photo Contest


Everyone knows the Spring flowers of a Cherry Tree, but have you noticed Cherry Trees have a crisp yellow orange Fall Foliage? The unusual leaves of the Ginko Tree have the most beautiful clear bright yellow that persists for weeks. The Sugar Maples are famous for burnt orange and peach foliage. Dogwood, Oak, Locust, Elm and Beech trees make Autumn spectacular!

Send your Borough of Mendham Fall Foliage Photos in for your chance to win a tree, of your choice, to be planted in front of your home!
Be creative but remember the main subject should be trees.
Photos must be of a local Borough of Mendham location and labeled with name of the location and photographer's name.
Email Photos To: dpw@mendhamnj.org
Contest Ends: December 1, 2023.
Judges: Shade Tree Commission


Previous Fall Foliage Photo Contest
Winning Photos
Thank you everyone for your wonderful pictures and participation! 
Mountain Vally Park Pond & Bridge ~ By Bob Marino 
Town Center Arial View
Walk in Woods