PROJECT                                                                               ZONING COMPLIANCE                CONSTRUCTION 

                      PERMIT                                        PERMIT

*Additions                                                                                       Yes                                            Yes

Air Conditioner (Central): Install or Replace                              Yes                                            Yes

Asbestos Abatement                                                                      No                                            Yes

Basement: Refinishing or Remodeling                                        Yes                                            Yes

Bathroom Fixtures Direct Replacement                                      No                                            No

Piping Changes                                                                                No                                            Yes

Boiler Replace or Install                                                                 No                                            Yes

Burglar Alarm Install                                                                       No                                            Yes

Carpeting                                                                                          No                                            No

Chimney Repairs                                                                              No                                           Yes

* Commercial Signs (Exterior)                                                       Yes                                           Yes

* Deck Add or Replace                                                                    Yes                                           Yes

* Demolition                                                                                     No                                            Yes

Dishwasher Install                                                                            No                                            Yes

Door (Exterior) Replace Existing with Same Size and Type       No                                            No

Door (Exterior) Adding, Enlarging or Eliminating                        No                                            Yes

Driveway Repair or Repave                                                             No                                            No

Duct Work Install New                                                                     No                                            Yes

Duct Work Repair or Replace                                                          No                                            No

Electrical Any Modifications or Improvements                            No                                            Yes

* Fence Add or Replace                                                                    Yes                                           Yes

                      (If Fence is Around a Pool or Spa or Over 6ft In Height)

Fence Repair 50% Or Less of Existing Fence                                  No                                           No

Fireplace Add                                                                                      No                                           Yes

Furnace Replace                                                                                 No                                           Yes

Generator Stand-Alone                                                                     Yes                                           Yes

Gutters Replace or Repair                                                                 No                                           No

Lanscaping Work                                                                                 No                                          No

Lawn Sprinkler                                                                                     No                                          Yes

Lead Paint Abatement                                                                        No                                          No

Ordinary Repairs                                                                                  No                                          No

*Outdoor Kitchen                                                                                Yes                                          Yes

*Painting Exterior or Interior                                                             No                                          No

*Patio, Brick or Pavers                                                                         Yes                                          No

Plumbing Any Modifications or Improvements                               No                                          Yes

Remodeling Or Alterations Interior                                                   No                                           Yes

*Retaining Walls Over 4 Feet in Height                                            Yes                                         Yes

Roof Repairs Involving Less Than 25% of Existing Roof                  No                                          No

*Roof Replace Commercial                                                                 No                                          Yes (See Note 3)

Roof Top Unit                                                                                         No                                          Yes

Satellite Dish                                                                                          No                                          No (Except Commerial)

Septic System Construct or Abandon                                                No                                          No (Requires permit Board of Health Permit)

Sewer System Connection to The Public System                             No                                          Yes (Issued by Engineer)

*Shed Or Utility Building Over 200 Sq. Ft Construction                 Yes                                          Yes

Siding Add or Replace                                                                           No                                          Yes (See Note 4)

Smoke Detectors Add                                                                           No                                          Yes

*Solar Panels Ground or Roof Mounted                                           Yes                                         Yes

Spa/Hot Tub                                                                                           Yes                                         Yes

Storm Windows/Doors                                                                         No                                         No

Stove Replace Electric with Gas                                                          No                                         Yes

Swimming Pool Add or Replace                                                          Yes                                         Yes

Tennis Court Installation                                                                       Yes                                        Yes

Underground Fuel or Septic Tank Removal                                       No                                        Yes

Water Heater Replace                                                                           No                                        Yes

Wall Repairs Remove and Replace Sheet Rock or Plaster               No                                        Yes (See Notes 1&2)         

Windows Replace Existing with Same Size and Type                       No                                        No

       *Windows Adding, Enlarging, or Eliminating                                    No                                        Yes

      *If your project is within the Historic District or the Main Street Corridor, Historic Preservation Commission approval is required prior to Zoning Approval & issuance of a Construction Permit.


Ordinary maintenance in one and twofamily dwellings

  1. Finishes Installation, repair or replacement of interior finishes of less than 25 percent of the wall area of the dwelling. This shall include plastering and drywall installation. (1) Vinyl wall covering of any amount is ordinary maintenance; (2) Paneling is not ordinary maintenance. 

  2. Nonstructural components – The repair or replacement of any nonstructural component, such as a partition.

  3. Roofing – The repair or replacement (including total replacement) of any amount of existing roof covering on detached one or twofamily dwellings.

  4. Siding – The repair or replacement of any amount of existing siding. Exception: The repair or replacement of polypropylene siding is not ordinary maintenance.