Joint Land Use Board consists of nine (9) members, and four (4) appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Borough Council.

                 Responsibilities include:

  1. Hear and decide bulk and use variance requests;
  2. Hear and decide requests for interpretations dealing with  Zoning; 
  3. Hear and decide appeals related to Administrative Officials.
  4. Major and Minor Subdivisions;
  5. Site Plan Waivers;
  6. Preliminary and Final Site Plans
  7. Make, adopt and amend the Master Plan of the Borough of Mendham;
  8. Administer Subdivisions of the Land and Site Plan Reviews;
  9. Provide input and recommendations to the Borough Council on Land Use Ordinances.

The Joint Land Use Board Meetings are held at the Garabrant Center, 4 Wilson Street, Mendham, beginning at 7:30PM

Any changes in the time, date or place of any scheduled meeting will be posted on the Brough's website and delivered to the official newspapers in advance as required by law.