• With the seasons quickly changing, NJCCC wants to remind everyone to “Skip the Straw."
    • The campagin started November 4, 2021
    • Single-use plastic straws will only be provided upon request at all restaurants, convenience stores and fast food businesses throughout the state, as per state law.
  • It may be no surprise that a plastic straw is used for an average of 10 minutes and takes more than 100 years to decompose, making it a serious threat to our wildlife, especially marine life.
  • Each year, an estimated 1 million birds, marine mammals and sea turtles die from plastics.  
  • This law is a step forward to help New Jersey reduce its litter and protect precious wildlife as it encourages patrons to bring their own straw or skip one altogether.
  • NJCCC encourages all New Jerseyans to do their part. Please, Skip the Straw!