2020 NEC ARTICLE 680

  • All new in-ground pools, above ground pools, spas, and hot tubs require electrical inspections.
    • They must meet the requirements of article 680 of the 2020 NEC
    • Some must PASS BEFORE work proceeds in some instances.
    • Some inspections may be performed at the same time. 
  • Common required inspections.
    • Bonding
    • Bonding grids
    • Perimeter bonding
    • Bonding and potting of lights
    • Bonding of rebar
    • Any additional boning
    • Trenches
    • Roughs   
    • Finals
  • Any work performed that cannot be seen at time of inspection will not be approved
  • Approval can only be completed after the work is  EXPOSED and PASSES the required inspections.
  • Failure to have inspections will result in a Notice of Violation.