Animal Control Solutions (ACS) is the authorized animal control service provider
for the Borough of Mendham. 

P.O. Box 2493
Flemington, NJ. 08822
Direct Phone (908) 722-1271
Fax (908) 722-2026
  • Domestic Animal Issues (Dogs & Cats)
    • Contact ACS directly for all  issues.
      • Including loose, stray, dangerous and injured domestic animals.
      • ACS is required to  shelter unclaimed domestic animals at their facility when necessary.
      • All sheltering cost are the owner's responsibility and will be charged accordingly.
      • Every effort will be made by ACS to locate the owner prior to sheltering.
  • Non-Emergency & Private Service Animal Removal (These services are not the responsibility of Mendham Borough.)
    • ACS, may charge residents or businesses requesting services that are non-emergency.
    • Private services include, but are not limited to:
      • Nuisance wildlife removal
      • Trapping and capturing of non-domestic animals such as:
        • opossums
        • coyotes
        • squirrels
        • raccoon
        • skunks
        • fox
        • bear
        • deer
        • birds
  • Deceased Animals (Non-Deer)
    • ACS will not remove deceased animals from private property.
    • ACS will only remove deceased animal from municipal roadways and properties, excluding deer.
  • Deceased Deer Removal
    • Morris County is responsible for removal of all deceased deer from all municipal and county roadways.
    • All deceased deer notifications can be made to the Mendham Borough Police non-emergency number 973-543-2993 or  Please provide accurate description of location of deer carcass.
  • Animal Cruelty

  • Report all animal cruelty issues to the Mendham Borough Police Department