Tax Assessor Office
Phoenix House
2nd Floor
2 West Main Street
Mendham, NJ   07945

Scott Holzhauer, Tax Assessor

973-543-7152 ext.20
Office Hours 
Available by Appointment on Mondays
or Special Appointment

Lisa Smith, Tax Assessor Administrative Assistant

973-543-7152 ext.20
Office Hours
M-F 8:30am-2:30pm
  • Tax Assessor Office Statutory Mandates
    • Identify, list on the tax roles, determine taxability and value of property.
    • Equalize property taxes and manage tax appeals.
  • Annual Tax Assessments
    • The Office notifies annnually by postcard all property owners informing them of their tax assessments.
  • Addded Assesments
    • Assessed property values  are updated based on results of added assessment calculations or other adjustments. 
    • All open and completed building permits are tracked for added assessment purposes.
  • Tax Map & Tax List
    • New deeds are reviewed to maintain an accurate list of properties, ownership, assessments and other data that is statutorily required.
    • The Office reviews Joint Land Use Board actions, noting final approval of subdivisions for recording on the Tax List and Tax Map.
  • State and County Tax Appeals
  • Equalized Ratio
    • NJ State SR-1A forms are processed based on deed information that is used to determine the Borough's equalization ratio. 
    • This ratio is used for distribution of State Aid to Schools.
  • 200' List Request 
    • The Tax Assessor's Office prepares the certified lists of property owners within 200 feet of a property that is the subject of a Development Application.
  • NJ Tax Relief Programs
  • NJ State FA-1 Form -  Farmland Assessment Application
  • Commercial Property Annual Income/Expense Questionnaire