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    Borough Clerk & Registrar, Vital Statistics Forms
          Application for Public Project Proposal
Residents and local organizations interested in submitting a public project proposal as part of a volunteer initiative should complete this application and submit it to the Borough Clerk's office.
          Banner Display Request
Requests to display a banner across Main Street in Mendham Borough requires approval from the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders and from the Mendham Borough Council. A Certificate of Insurance and a full graphic of the banner to be displayed must also be submitted with the application. Incomplete applications cannot be processed.
          No Knock Registry Application
Residents can elect to include their home address on Mendham Borough's No Knock Registry. A copy of the No Knock Registry will be provided to all individuals that have applied for, and have been issued, a license allowing commercial door-to-door sales and solicitation activities in the Borough. The No Knock Registry does not apply to door-to-door solicitations conducted by charitable, religious, or political organizations.
          OPRA (Open Public Records Act) Request Form
Individuals wishing to obtain government records should submit an OPRA (Open Public Records Act) Request Form to the Borough Clerk's office. Please be as specific in identifying the record you wish to obtain. Appointments can also be made for the on-site review of records.
          Peddlers & Solicitors Permit Application
Individuals wishing to conduct temporary or seasonal door-to-door or street-to-street commercial activities must submit a completed application to the Clerk's office. All required documentation, photos and the application fee must be submitted with the application form. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Licensing requires Council approval.
          Raffle License Application
Not-for-profit organizations registered with the New Jersey Local Games of Control Commission may apply for a Raffle License to conduct a raffle in Mendham Borough. All raffle license applications require Council and State approval.
          Registrar - Application for a Birth, Marriage, or Death Record
Requests for a certified copy of a birth, death, marriage, civil union and domestic partnership record must accompany valid forms of ID. There is a $10 fee for each certified copy.
          Registrar - Marriage/Civil Union License Application
Please review the Vital Statistics, Registrar webpage before completing the application. Apply for a marriage or civil union license in Mendham Borough if either party resides in Mendham Borough OR in instances where neither party is a resident of New Jersey but the marriage ceremony will be performed in Mendham Borough. Applications are taken by appointment only.
          Road Closure Request Application
Requests to close a local residential street for an event such as a block party requires the approval from the Mayor & Council. Applications should be submitted to the Clerk's office well in advance of the date of the event.
          Special Events Permit Application
Local organizations wishing to hold a Special Event in Mendham Borough should submit a completed application to the Clerk's office. Special Event Permits require Council approval.
          Voter Registration Application
To vote, residents must be a New Jersey registered voter 30 days prior to election day. This application form can also be used to update a voter's change of name, change of address, or change of party affiliation.

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