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Animal Control & Licensing
    Animal Control & Pet Licensing
          Cat License Application
          Dog License Application
          Holiday Home Decorating Contest (Application and Rules)
Board of Health
    Board of Health
          License fees and fire applications for the food truck festival
Borough Clerk
    Clerks Forms
          Banner Request
          Bingo License Application
          Bingo or Raffle License Amendment Application
          Cat License Application
          Dog License Application
          Domestic Animal & Fowl License Application
For Animals Other Than Cats and Dogs
          Marriage/Civil Union License Application
          OPRA Request Form
          Peddlers and Solicitors License Application
          Raffle License Application
          Road Closure Form
          Vital Records Request
Request for certified copies of birth, death, marriage, civil union and domestic partnership records.
          Voter Registration
In order to vote you must be registered!
          Lot Development Permit Application
          Road Opening and Driveway Permit Application
          Sanitary Sewer Connection Application
Please fill out application and submit to the Engineer or Engineering secretary Jeanne Pugsley
          Tree Removal Application
Fire & First Aid
    Fire & First Aid Forms
          Blue Light Permit Application
          Fire System Test Report and Certification
          Red Light Permit Application
          Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Alarm & Portable Fire Extinguisher Inspection
Prior to the sale of any home in the Borough a smoke and carbon monoxide detection inspection must take place.
Land Use
    Board of Adjustment
          Application - Instructions
          Application Packet
Requires signature of property owner or owner's consent must be provided.
          Certification of Taxes & Sewer Payment
The certification is to be completed by the Tax Collector's office and submitted with any Planning Board or Board of Adjustment application.
          Fee Schedule
          Sanitary Sewer Connection Application
Required for all properties with a sewer connection.
    Historic Preservation Commission
          Application Instructions
          Check List
    Planning Board
          Application - Site Plan or Subdivision
          Application - Site Plan or Subdivision Instructions
          Application - Site Plan Waiver
          Application - Site Plan Waiver Instructions
          Application Checklist
This checklist is to be used with all Planning Board and Board of Adjustment applications. Applicants need to complete the checklist and submit with any filing.
          Certification of Taxes & Sewer Payment
The certification is to be completed by the Tax Collector's office and submitted with any application for development.
          Change of Use or Occupancy Form
          Notice Requirements
Certain notices are required by law. Use these templates to provide the necessary notice.
          Sanitary Sewer Connection Application
Required for all properties with a sewer connection.
          Site Inspection Authorization
This form provides consent for Board members to visit application sites. It must be signed by the property owner and submitted with all applications for development.
          Fee Schedule
Office of Emergency Management
    Office of Emergency Management
          CERT Registration Form
Mendham Borough Office Of Emergency Management Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)Registration Form
          Red Light Permit- OEM
Police Department
    Police Department Forms
          2017 IA Summary
          2018 IA Summary
          Emergency Data Information Form
          Firearms - Applicant Information
          Firearms - Application
          Firearms - Mental Health Consent Form
          Internal Affairs - Citizens' Guide
          Internal Affairs - Citizens' Rights
          Internal Affairs - Complaint Form
          Vacant House Check Request
Recreation Department
    Recreation Forms
          2019 Parks & Recreation Field Request Form
Please submit this form to the Department of Recreation by Dec 31 to reserve a field for the upcoming year. After Dec 31, fields will be assigned based on remaining availability. Review the Facility Use Agreement before submitting the Parks & Recreation Field Request Form
          2019 Reserved Field Schedule
Attached is the current Field Schedule for Borough Park, West Field, Franklin and Pastime Field. No changes can be made to this schedule without the written authorization from Mendham Borough Recreation Director, Bruce DiBisceglie 973-543-7152 x12
          Day Camp Counselor Application Info
          Facility Use Agreement
Please review all terms and conditions on this form before submitting your Parks & Recreation Outdoor Facility Request Form. By submitting a Parks & Recreation Outdoor Facility Request Form, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood the Facility Use Agreement in full.
Tax Assessor
    Tax Assessor Forms
          Application for Farmland Assessment Form
Application by the owner for "farmland assessment" must be made on or before August 1 of the year immediately preceding the tax year.
          Assessment of New Construction
          Assessment Review Form
Assessment reviews are only conducted from Oct 1st to Dec 20th
          Farmland Assessment – Law Changes
P.L. 2013, Chapter 43 (Farmland Assmt – Law Changes) On April 15, 2013 Governor Christie signed S-589(4R) into law as P.L. 2013, C.43. This legislation revisees certain provision of the prior Farmland Assessment Law. This new law became effective on April 15, 2013 – except that it is applicable to Tax Years commencing with Tax Year 2015.
          Homeowners Guide to Property Taxes
          How to find Assessment Postcard Info Online
          Tax Appeal Filing Procedure & Guideline
          Woodland Data Form
Zoning & Rental Inspections
    Zoning and Rental Inspection Forms
Please fill out all information requested
          Borough Rental Registration Form
This form is the Landlord-Tenant Registration Form to be filed with the Zoning Officer
          Fence/Zoning Permit
Please complete prior to applying for construction permits. All fences require permits - Call the Zoning Office for more information or go to the Ordinance link - Subsection 215-29
          Landlord/ Tenant Registration Form
This is the Landlord Registration Form to be filed with the Borough Clerk
          Mendham Borough Zoning Map
Please use for reference only
          Street and House Number Map
          Temporary Sign Permit
          Temporary Storage Container Permit
All containers (PODS) require a permit. - See Sub section 215-7 of the Borough ordinance
          Vacant Property Registration
          Zoning Officer's Review
This review sheet is to be used inconjunction with a Board of Adjustment Variance application

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