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*** The Wednesday, October 19th meeting of the Mendham Borough Mayor & Council has been cancelled and is rescheduled to Wednesday, October 12th ***      
*** The Wednesday, October 19th meeting of the Mendham Borough Mayor & Council has been cancelled and is rescheduled to Wednesday, October 12th ***      

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Morris County Board of Freeholders Adopt County Government Strategic Plan

Release Date: September 06, 2018

Offers Key Goals and Guiding Principles for County Government for the Next Decade

The Morris County Board of Freeholders, in a unanimous vote this week, has adopted a new Morris County Strategic Plan that offers key goals and guiding principles for county government for the next decade.

Morris County Board of Freeholders Adopt County Government Strategic PlanThe document was developed over the past year with the valued help of county and municipal government, education, health and medical, business, nonprofit, and innovation leaders from across Morris County, as well as valued advice from county residents.

It targets quality of life, economic development, infrastructure, public safety, health and human services, and the evolving role of county government in dealing with the needs of our residents in all 39 municipalities through the 2020s.

“Just as you have to prepare for a changing future at home and in your business lives, we in county government also have to plan for a changing future – one that changes very rapidly these days,’’ said Freeholder Christine Myers, who spearheaded the Strategic Plan effort, along with Freeholders Kathy DeFillippo and Deborah Smith. “We hope county government will use this document to guide it in prioritizing the needs of our residents in all 39 municipalities.’’

The Strategic Plan process included a comprehensive review of all aspects of county government and its connections to our residents, local governments, nonprofits, and the education and business communities.

Following a thorough analysis and review of the data, and subsequent discussions, the steering committee and freeholders created a priority list of strategic goals for the county. You can view the Strategic Plan at

“The goal of the Strategic Plan to ensure a bright future for Morris County, to maintain our high quality of life, strengthen the county’s economic backbone, and provide our residents with services they most prefer and need,’’ said Freeholder DeFillippo.

“We want to ensure that Morris County remains the premier place in New Jersey to live, work, go to school and raise a family,’’ said Freeholder Smith.

2018 Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders. Seated in front, Freeholder Director Doug Cabana and Deputy Director Christine Myers. Standing, from left, Freeholders John Cesaro, Kathy DeFillippo, Heather Darling, Deborah Smith and Tom Mastrangelo.

2018 Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders

With the Strategic Plan now adopted, a follow-up implementation strategy is being finalized, and which will guide the county to achieve plan objectives.  In many areas, work by the county already has begun or has continued as a “design/build” method to achieve the objectives.

The county will continue to work in partnership with all 39 municipalities and the private sector in each of the critical areas of the Strategic Plan, and to achieve each of its important goals.

The Board of Freeholders began the strategic planning process in 2016. Working with JANUS Solutions as coordinator of this effort, the initial result was the development of a vision, mission and guiding principles for the county:

Vision:  Morris County will continue to be the premier place in which to live, work, and raise a family.  Our County will continue to build our vibrant and sustainable economy and preserve our natural resources and history.  We will honor our unique quality of life, assure a safe, well-maintained infrastructure and offer cultural and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.  We will continue to offer compassionate support to those in need and maintain our tradition as a caring community.

Mission:  Morris County will protect and preserve the quality of life for all of Morris County, and ensure the effective, efficient and ethical stewardship of tax dollars.

Guiding Principles:  Morris County Government will:

  • Build upon our advantages of location, infrastructure, a diverse and talented workforce, safety, education, diversity and culture to maintain our way of life
  • Respect and protect the interests of taxpayers and utilize and exercise prudence in all financial matters
  • Execute all aspects of County business in the most ethical, effective, professional and transparent manner, with all actions and decisions focused on the most responsive and best interests of Morris County residents
  • Optimize the use of available funding, including providing shared or regionalized services
  • Provide strategic leadership, and balance short and long-term planning
  • Partner with our 39 municipalities to support their safety and quality of life
  • Assist and collaborate with our communities during times of need and/or crisis.