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*** The Wednesday, October 19th meeting of the Mendham Borough Mayor & Council has been rescheduled to Wednesday, October 12th ***      
*** The Wednesday, October 19th meeting of the Mendham Borough Mayor & Council has been rescheduled to Wednesday, October 12th ***      

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Morris Area Energy Cooperative Community Energy Aggregation Program Update

Release Date: February 28, 2020

Morris Area Energy Cooperative
Community Energy Aggregation Program Update

The Borough of Mendham, has been a participating member of the Morris Area Energy Aggregation Cooperative (MAEC), a Community Energy Aggregation program since August 2017. We are pleased to announce that the MAEC’s Community Energy Aggregation program has exceeded $1 Million in savings for all participating residents collectively. Other MAEC member municipalities include: Wharton Borough, Riverdale Borough, Lincoln Park Borough, Bay Head Borough, Long Hill Township, Mount Arlington Borough, Florham Park Borough, Mine Hill Township, Union Beach Borough, the Town of Dover and Rockaway Borough.
The Community Energy Aggregation Program is overseen by the Board of Public Utilities (BPU) and the Division of Rate Counsel through N.J.A.C 14:4-6 et seq.. Community Energy Aggregation (CEA), also known as government energy aggregation, are programs that allow local governments to procure power on behalf of their residents, from an alternative supplier while still receiving distribution service from their existing utility provider. CEAs are an attractive option for communities that want more local control over their electricity sources, more green power than is offered by the default utility, and/or lower electricity prices. By aggregating the buying power of individual customers, communities gain leverage to negotiate better rates with competitive suppliers and choose greener power sources. Utility services such as delivery, meter readings, billing, payments emergency services, etc., do not change and the CEA program provides many consumer protections and services not available outside the program.
We are pleased that we are able to continue to offer this program to our resident community. This program is very different than other third-party supply contracts and offers protections to residents that individual contracts may not offer, such as no penalties or fees to opt out, opt out at any time, and a flat, fixed (not variable) rate.
The current program began March of 2019 and will run through December 2021. The program rate for March 2019 – May 2020 is $.0886/kWh and effective June 2020 will decrease to $.0869/kWh through the end of the term December 2021. New notices regarding the program rate reduction and resident options will be mailed in April 2020. Reminder: All information relating to the Borough’s official CEA program will feature the Borough’s logo on the outside of the envelope and on the letter. Letters or solicitations relating to energy aggregation that do not include the official Borough’s logo are not a part of the official CEA program.
The important thing to understand is that NOTHING CHANGES! All other services through JCP&L remain the same. Here are some items to note:
• All current services such as delivery, meter readings, billing, payments, emergency services etc. are serviced through JCP&L, just as they are today. Nothing changes!
• This program offers the reduced rate on the supply portion of your electric bill. You will still be billed for consumption (delivery) charges from JCP&L, just as you are today.
• The rate offered is non-variable. This program offers protections for residents that are
generally not available to individuals looking to obtain a third party contracted rate.
• You’ll see how much you save. The offered rate will be shown directly on your bill and you may easily compare this against JCP&L's rate each month.
• Budget billing will be offered to any current budget bill plan customer. Anyone wishing to go on a budget plan may also elect to do so.
• There are no fees to be a part of the program. You may choose to no longer participate in the program at any time with no fee or penalty even after the initial response period.
• You will continue to call JCP&L for service-related questions and outages. For billing-related, questions, you’ll call the selected supplier– their toll-free phone number will be found on your bill.
• No one will be calling or knocking on your door regarding this program. All information regarding this program is mailed through the US Postal Service. Please be wary of anyone trying to get your information otherwise.
• Residents that have solar and are with a third-party supplier were not originally eligible for the CEA program but have the ability to opt-in to the program at any time.
• This program is an Opt-Out program vs an Opt-In program which is part of NJ State law. We are bound to follow the statutory guidelines and this aspect of the program is a provision of N.J.A.C. 14:4-6.3 (i) which states that all municipal energy aggregation programs in New Jersey must be opt-out rather than opt-in programs.

For additional information or if you wish to participate in the MAEC program, or opt out of the program, please contact our program manager at 866-688-5197 or visit