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Brush Pick up

Release Date: March 13, 2018

Curbside brush pickup from the recent Winter storms will begin once the DPW is able to clear all roads from broken branches that pose a hazard to the traveling public, and also when the crews are able to work safely due to the accumulated snow alongside the roads. The crew will not remove limbs that are under snow piles, we will return when the snow has melted.
The DPW will not remove broken limbs from trees that are in resident's yards nor will we take down standing trees, as these trees are the responsibility of the homeowner. Limbs must be placed curbside for pickup. Only limbs up to 6" in diameter will be chipped/removed. Please refer to "Guidelines for Brush Pickup" under the DPW tab on the Mendham Borough website.
All requests for brush pickup must either be phoned in, at 973-543-6535 or emailed to :
Brush pickup is going to take an extended time to complete. Your patience is appreciated.