2021 Arbor Day Free Tree Seedling Set-Up

April 2021

The Borough received 975 seedlings and all were picked- up by residents!  Thank you!  Looking forward to next years event!






Click on the below link to see all the 2020 Fall Foliage Photo Contest including the winner!.  This will be played on Mendhamtv.  Thank you to all who participated! 



Mendham Trees


2021 Update: Mendham Borough has been named a Tree City USA town for the 8th year in a row!

You notice the Tree City USA signs DPW placed on both ends of town?  Have you seen the new street trees popping up all over town?  They’re beautiful aren’t they?  Yes, and there are more to come! 

Mendham is on a tree planting tear and we want to get everyone involved.  Every Spring and Fall we plant about 15, 2.5” caliper shade trees.  All are choice specimens perfectly placed.  We pick locations that either held a tree in the past or sorely need one now.  Here’s where we need your help. If a tree is placed in front of your house please look out for it; give it water during dry spells and even some mulch (free for the asking from our Award Winning DPW).  Don’t weed wack the trunk and keep the dogs and trash cans away. 


If you have a suggestion for where a tree should be planted please let Carolynn Budd at the DPW know and she will get right on it.  

Now the interesting part; over 6,000 saplings were handed out and planted during the last 8 years.  Beautiful native forest trees – nursery grown in NJ have been handed out during the Arbor Day Celebration.  It’s a State Forestry effort to repopulate the forests after Sandy and other storms that devastated native tree populations.  We would like to follow some of these trees as they grow.  Let us know how they are doing.  Please take a photo and send it in to Carolynn Budd at dpw@mendhamnj.org. 

The Shade Tree Commission held a Fall Foliage Photo Contest (2019) that was a great success.  Because of the success Shade Tree will be having the contest again in 2020!  More details to follow.

Stay in touch, your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
Shade Tree Commission
February 2020


Tree Pruning

The objective of pruning is to produce strong, healthy, attractive plants. By understanding how, when and why to prune, and by following a few simple principles, this objective can be achieved.

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