Joint Land Use Board

The Borough of Mendham has a consolidated Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment, known as the Joint Land Use Board (JLUB).  The Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm at the Garabrant Center, 4 Wilson St.

Planning Functions

The Joint Land Use Board is responsible for adopting the Borough’s Master Plan, which is a broad policy document that guides the physical, economic, and social development of the community.  Additionally, the Board reviews and approves site plan and subdivision applications, and conducts preliminary investigations of areas in need of redevelopment.  Lastly, the Board reviews land use related ordinances for a determination of consistency with the Master Plan and often will provide recommendations to Council on proposed ordinance amendments.   

Zoning Functions

The Joint Land Use Board also hears zoning related matters, such as applications for use variances and bulk variances.  This occurs when an Applicant is seeking to depart from the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance.  For instance, a property owner or tenant may seek a use variance when it proposes a use on property that is prohibited in the zoning district.  On the other hand, a property owner may seek a bulk variance for physical improvements to the property that do not comply with the dimensional requirements of the applicable zoning district, such as setback, height, impervious coverage, or other physical requirements.

Please keep in mind that an applicant is not entitled to a use or bulk variance.  Rather, the burden is on the applicant to prove to the Board that it meets the specific criteria contained in the Municipal Land Use Law and relevant case law. 


Any changes in the time, date or place of any scheduled meeting will be posted on the Borough's website and delivered to the official newspapers in advance as required by law.


Joint Land Use Board Application