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Recovery From A Flood - Boiler Safety Alert for Owners and Operators

Release Date: September 12, 2011

With the recent flooding occurring due to the weather conditions, the
Mechanical Inspection Bureau of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Compliance
(BB&PVC) would like to notify all local government, state agencies and
stakeholders concerning boiler equipment damage caused by high waters. The
safe operation of boiler systems is impacted when the electrical systems,
controls and safety devices become inundated with water. In extreme cases
such events can partially or totally submerge these systems causing
malfunction or catastrophic consequences. Proper corrective action must be
taken to mitigate any potentially hazardous condition that may result from a
flood. While every possible scenario or failure cannot be anticipated,
professional care and attention must be utilized to access any equipment

The BB&PVC is providing several links to articles from the National Board of
Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, (NBBPVI) and The Hartford Steam
Boiler and Insurance Company (HSB). The articles typify the most reasonable
action that the BB&PVC would specify for placing a boiler back in service
after a flood. Most insurance companies will have similar articles.

The NBBPVI article "Recovering Boiler Systems After a Flood" was originally
published in the August 1993 National Board Infoletter to assist people in
the safe recovery of boiler systems affected by flooding. Link is:

The "Flood Recovery Alert" is published by HSB. Link is:

The BB&PVC recommends that a company authorized as a manufacturer's
representative, a National Board or New Jersey Authorized repair firm be
used to assess the condition of a boiler. An owner should also work closely
with their boiler and machinery insurance agent. FOR QUESTIONS REGARDING
THIS INFORMATION, please contact the BB&PVC by calling (609) 292-2921 or
email at To report an emergency situation
related to your boiler, pressure vessel or refrigeration under the
jurisdiction of the BB&PVC please call (609) 984-0626.