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Message from the Mayor

Release Date: August 06, 2020

Dear Mendham Borough Residents and Business Owners,
I know that this  power outage is very challenging for all of you as we continue to juggle our Covid responibilities. Your OEM Team is doing all we can to help get our town up and running. I am communicating hourly with JCP&L representatives, our OEM team, as well as our local elected officials, to get more information on this power outage. We have calls set up for 11am, 3pm, and 4pm daily during this power outage. We are communicating as much information we have regularly throughout the day. This includes via emails, on our website, on our social media, and through our smart 911 system.
What JCP&L has told me in the last hour is that their first priority is getting all roads open and getting the wires off the roads. This is for the entire Morris County  
Mendham Borough's roads status is here:
Hardscrabble closed due to a wire down
Mountain Side Rd west has limited passing due to a downed tree in the wires
Halstead Rd closed due to down telephone pole - tree and pole have been removed and road is back open
Their next priority are critical infrastructure facilities. For Mendham Borough this means some of , but not all, the following facilities:
Holly Manor Nursing Home
Sister of Christian Charity (which serves as a 100+ bed nursing facility)
Mendham Area Senior Housing
The Mendham Water Reclamation Facility
and other of our critical facilities which includes most importantly the substation at the intersection of Cold Hill Road and Route 24. This is the facility that powers our town and other surrounding towns.
Additionally, I just met with Senator Bucco who spoke with the Chief Executive of JCP&L a couple of hours ago. The situation in Mendham Borough is the lack of power to our substation. Out of state crews arrived to the substation yesterday morning and were only able to determine that the lack of power is due to a connection between Mendham Borough and Randolph or Bernardsville. JCP&L is telling us that they will need to fly helicopters overhead to make new connections. They tell me this will be a major repair to the system.
At this time we are getting conflicting information as to when power will be restored to residents. Many of us have received emails from JCP&L stating that power will be restored by August 11th.  They are now telling us that is is a worst case scenario and their goal is for power to be restored by this weekend in our area and that we should have better ETR (Estimated Time of Recovery) by this evening. As soon as we have better information we will share this with all.
Until we have our power back myself and a couple of our Council people have been manning our Charging Center at the Garabrant Center at 4 Wilson Street. We have been very busy helping residents charge up their devises. We ask if possible that you send one family member with all devises that need to be charged to limit the number of residents in our Center at anyone time.
ICE:  Ice is in limited supply. Locally Kings is providing ice, one bag per customer. Other locations are listed here:
I know this is a very difficult time for all, but as your Mayor and Mendham Borough neighbor I will continue to operate our Center and push for the return of our power from JCP&L, as well as advocate for improvements to our system.
Sincerely yours,
Christine Serrano Glassner