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Message from the Mayor

Release Date: August 06, 2020

Dear Mendham Borough Residents and Business Owners,


The following information is from JCP&L. JCP&L Executives host a call at 3pm daily during this emergency for New Jersey Mayors. Yesterday was the first, however they did not provide any information that would be helpful to our community. Here is the latest information from today's call. This information is not coming from your Borough OEM Team

They are telling us that they are aiming to have 85% of their customers back on line by late tomorrow, Friday, August 7th.

95% should be back by next Tuesday, August 11

100% should be back by next Thursday, August 13

As of today at 12:42pm Mendham Borough had 1964 facilities without power

They have said they will be sending out a Mayor's report tonight by 7pm that should have more information for our individual towns. The Global ETR reporting that JCP&L has provided does not provide specific town by town information. Hopefully the Mayors report will.

Why was this storm so devastating to our power system?

JCP&L tells us that most of the damage was done to supply into substations. Once the power is restored they have to go into the substations and make repairs to the distribution feeders. Once damages are repaired they will reenergize the station. Restoring power to the grid takes time as it has to be mapped out so that there are no errors, no danger to human life, and doesn't overwhelm the system.

Verizon Service has been a problem for some of our residents

The wire down at Hardscrabble Road is a Verizon line. If you are on that line you will likely have issues. If you are not but are still having issues with your Verizon service please reach out to Verizon directly. Remember, if you have cell service but no data, it is likely your modem due to lack of power. 

JCP&L needs to do more vegetation management

JCP&L spends $22 million annually on tree trimming and removal. They agree that they can do more in this area but feel that the work they did this past season went a long way to preventing further damage as a result of this storm. They remind us that trees that are on private property and not directly in the power easement are the responsibility of property owners.


We will continue to provide updates as information comes into us

Sincerely yours,

Christine Serrano Glassner