The Assessor's office is located in the Phoenix House, 2 W. Main St., Mendham, NJ  07945 The Tax Assessor for Mendham Borough is Scott Holzhauer.    The Assessor's responsibilities are:  to discover and locate property, list property, determine taxability of property, value property, equalize taxes, defend appeals and open public relations.  

The Assessor is available by appointment Monday mornings, and can be reached at (973) 543-7152 x20. (additional appt. options available)

The Assessor's assistant is Lisa Smith  She can be reached at 973-543-7152 ext. 20.

The Assistant assists by:

1. Reviewing Planning Board and Board of Adjustment minutes, noting final approval of subdivisions for recording on tax list and tax map; and tracking all open and complete building permits for added assessments.

2.  Reviewing new deeds and maintaining an accurate list of properties, ownership, assessments and other data that is statutorily required.

3.  Reviewing applications for tax deductions and exemptions, preparing approval or denial notices and updating records based on Assessor's final determination.

4.  Updating assessed values based on results of added assessment calculations, subdivisions, corrections, and adjustments, as determined by the Assessor.

5.  Processing State SR-1A forms based on deed information that is used to determine the municipality's equalization ratio.  This ratio is used for distribution of State aid to schools.

6.  Tracking State and County tax appeals, preparing files and forms for appeal hearings, tracking adjustments based on judgments.

7.  Helping the public read and understand public assessment records, working with the County Tax Board to maintain the highest possible accuracy of the records, scheduling Assessor's appointments.

Other staff projects include preparing mailings:

1.  Annual postcards to all property owners informing them of their assessments.

2.  Income/Expense questionnaires to all commercial properties.

3.  Farmland applications to all qualifying farmland properties.

4.  Further Statements to establish continued eligibility for tax exempt status.

The Assessor's staff also prepares certified lists of property owners with 200 feet of a property that is the subject of a development application.

Click here for a copy of the Tax Map